Food Systems

A complete Permaculture design for various property scales; spaces as small as balconies or kitchen gardens, to hectares of farm land or food forests.

Water Management

Efficient utilisation of water in a system; water capture and storage; irrigation and reticulation; water harvesting earthworks, ponds and dams, grey & black water systems

Waste management

Composting, worm bins, chicken systems, up-cycling, recycling, consumption reduction. There is no such thing as waste in nature.

Energy systems

Solar, bio-gas, wind, micro-hydro


Introduction to Permaculture

Weekend course including both theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the basic ethics, principles and methods for creating sustainable abundance in the small to medium sized space.

One day workshops

  • Water Management Workshop

  • Home and Personal Sustainability

  • Small Space Permaculture techniques

  • Permaculture Nursery Systems

  • Permaculture Organic Gardening

  • Permaculture Organic Farming

  • Soil building and Compost production

  • Health management, Nutrition, Diet and Useful plants

  • Indigenous, Wild and Survival/famine foods

  • Aquaculture systems and Aquatic foods

  • Permaculture Building techniques

  • Animal systems and Animal management

  • Container growing and Aquaponics

PDC – Permaculture Design Course

12 day, in-depth design course covering everything from the basic ethics, principles and methods of Permaculture to large-scale farm design, renewable energy and building solutions (currently run in Addo, Eastern Cape with Serenity Permaculture Farm)

Modular PDC (6 x 2 day course)

A 12 day PDC broken up into a modular format of weekends (both Sat & Sun) once a month for 6 months, runs in the Gauteng & Free State area


Workshops (as above):

  • School Teacher PDC

  • School Supplementary Teaching techniques

  • Community Garden training

  • Cash crops and Medicinal plants

Community development of market gardens

Long term process


Design consultation

1 hour free consultation (within 15km) with the design team. Outside 15km – travel costs charged at AA rates. Consultations longer than an hour are charged at R300/hr.


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